Reduce the Cost of Compliance for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater operators are at the front line in protecting public health, and as such usually err on the side of caution in treatment processes.  

When you add to that responsibility the fact that lab testing for primary contaminants such as E.coli often have a 24 hour turn around, operators tend to build in large safety margins to avoid accidental permit violations and public health risks.   Unfortunately these safety margins come at the cost of excessive disinfectant usage and the addition of neutralizers to meet discharge limits.  

Any tool to keep operations running within regulatory parameters must; be cost-effective, include rapid, continuous and reliable measurements, and incorporate automatic control of chemical feed pumps. 

Instrulogic in partnership with TJ Stanton Associates and Zaps Technologies is pleased to introduce "The LiquID Station", a rapid cycle multi-spectral analyzer that can be configured to measure a wide range of important water quality parameters in a single reagent-lessinstrument, enabling plant operators to reliably maintain regulatory compliance and ensure public safety while minimizing the use of chemical agents.   For a typical 10 MGD plant, the ROI on this technology is approximately 14 months. 

Here's how it works

Contact your Solutions Counselor to configure a cost effective system tailored for your process.  

Ray CowellComment