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Scott Teter, Sr. Technician

“I began working for InstruLogic in 1998. My first job was a sewer flow study. I fell in love with instrumentation and the challenges it can pose at times. Instrumentation became my driving force along with the customer satisfaction that comes from solving difficult application obstacles. I have many other responsibilities such as controls and radio network installation and troubleshooting which I enjoy as well. After seventeen years, I can honestly say there is nothing else I would rather be doing.”

Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole, Sr. Programmer

“I’ve been in controls programming since 2000, and I enjoy all aspects of customer service, from designing to programming to training. In the past fifteen years, I’ve gained deep experience in many industry standard devices and software; and I’ve designed and completed projects of every shape and size. The variety provides the challenge; you’ve got to be able to learn and adapt onsite, sometimes moment by moment. At the end of the day, I’m most proud of my track record of happy customers; that’s why I do what I do.”


Carter Farley, Sr. Engineer

Carter is a licensed professional engineer/certified automation professional and has been managing design and construction projects for over 20 years. He has been with InstruLogic for the last nine years as our senior engineer and preconstruction manager. Asked about what gets him going, Carter says “I love starting with high customer hopes, some tricky project problems, and a blank sheet of paper. When I design, I think about the plant operator that’s going to be using this system. More than anything, I want to make their job easier and more fulfilling.”




Caleb Bohon


Michael Costello

Matthew Farley

Todd Harris


Jordan Teter


Ben Hopper

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Shelly Farley
Office Manager

Rodney Spriggs
Solutions Counselor

Ray Cowell
Inbound Marketing


Stephen Hunter
Pre-Construction Manager

Haleigh Teter
Purchasing Representative