Company Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to our customers in the areas of Controls, Automation, and Instrumentation. We rely on our passionate employees to be expert problem solvers as we exceed expectations and lead our industry in performance, value, and innovation.

Our Vision

In everything we do, as individuals and as a team, we strive to be thought of as a company with unquestioned integrity, unwavering commitment to customer service, and unsurpassed innovation in our field. 
As employees, we strive to be fun yet real, a place where a future can be built, and a company committed to making our people successful on the job and in life.


Our Values

At InstruLogic we encourage our employees to: 

  • Live by Faith – If we live by faith we are able to approach every day with courage and confidence.  
  • Strive for Excellence – We strive for excellence by being thorough and precise in everything we do, every single day for God, our families, our customers, our company, and ourselves.
  • Work Smart before Working Hard – Think things through before acting. Smart work returns more gain than hard work alone. 
  • Be the Person you want be Known as – We strive to apply this to everything we do in front of customers, behind the scenes, and in our personal lives.

We believe that our philosophy translates into an unmatched customer experience.  Client retention is a cornerstone of our success as an industry leader in controls and instrumentation. Perhaps this is why Instrulogic has designed and installed more systems than any other firm in the Mid-Atlantic region.