We provide a wide range of services including consulting, design, implementation, upgrade, repair, calibration and maintenance for all measurement and control systems and components including SCADA, Telemetry, PLCs, Radios and virtually all measurement devices. 

We offer Remote Systems Monitoring, Cyber Security Services, SCADA Lifecycle Services, Radio Path Surveys, Investigation and Documentation Services.  Order the kind of service you need by clicking the appropriate option.

Order Technical Services 

We have wide area of technical expertise centered in automation and control for water and wastewater treatment.  Tell us what you want to do and we will help you do it. 


Order Calibration Services

We calibrate virtually all instruments and measuring devices commonly found in water and wastewater treatments systems. 


Order Non-Emergency Repair Services

We work on virtually all brands of equipment. If you have an emergency, call (540) 338-2222 to speak to our dispatcher.