Maintenance Contracts

Highly customizable service contracts sized to fit your plant,  your personnel, your organization's scheduling and billing requirements.  Contracts may be structured to include Recurring SCADA maintenance,  HMI updates, software patches, phone support, computer maintenance, instrument calibrations, priority service calls, remote diagnostics, onsite spare parts, rapid response and emergency service.  As much or as little as you need. 

 Service SCADA   Program

Eliminate the hassle of component obsolescence and reduce the capital cost of a new SCADA system with our Service SCADA program.  Designed for municipalities that are sensitive to cash flow and recognize the value automation provides in maintaining regulatory compliance.  Modular design enables you to start small and expand at any time.  No hassles, no worries; we install and maintain your system for as long as you want for a low monthly service charge.  Read More 

Preferred Automation Partner

Let us be your Owner’s Representative for the total life of your SCADA System. Let us help you to develop a customized plan that cost effectively meets your immediate needs and provides a path to the future. Let us coordinate between vendors, contractors, engineers, and integrators to make projects seamless and contain costs.  Let us help you do your job better  by having us do what we do best.