Get ready for winter

Weather is difficult to predict, but one thing we know for certain- winter weather places additional stress on water and wastewater systems.  And it is better to be prepared than surprised.  With this in mind let's get ready for winter!

As the leading supplier of technical services to municipal water and wastewater operators, we've learned a few things because we've seen a few things. Here is a handy checklist to help you reduce cold weather problems associated with your measurement and control system.

• Check and verify operation of all UPS devices.  Winter weather increases the risk of power failure, so make sure all UPS devices are functioning properly. Most UPS manufacturers include a self-test feature. Here are some convenient links to access user manuals from popular UPS manufacturers. APC, Cyberpower

• UPS protected Panels should also be checked for proper configuration. An improperly configured UPS may not activate the appropriate alarm and go directly into Comm Fail even if the UPS passes manufacturer's self-test. A simple way to verify proper configuration is to shut off power to the panel. If the Power Alarm activates, then the UPS is configured correctly. If the alarm does not activate call us to have it configured properly. Configure my UPS

• Check battery condition on all solar powered RTUs. Typically these are deep cycle batteries. Here are some links describing the testing procedure for deep cycle batteries. Battery Test Video  Battery Test document

• Check battery condition and operation of all backup generators.

• Check installed heat tape for proper installation and operation. This video may be helpful. Heat Tape Selection & Installation

• Insulate all pressure transducers in non-temperature regulated environments

• Check or install air gap kits on pressure transducers subject to freezing.

• Check your spare parts inventory. Make sure you have the instruments on hand in the event something is damaged by freezing temperatures. Help me buy spare parts

Ray Cowell