Ants in your what?

We’ve all heard about “ants in your pants”  How about “ants in your RTU?”  Both can shake things up!   

On a recent service call for what seemed to be a failing modem, our technician discovered the real culprit- an infestation of ants.  Somehow, the pesky critters gained entrance to the panel.  (We suspect they entered through cracks in dried-out sealant used on the conduit connectors or a dried-out panel door seal.)  Once the ants gained entry they had free rein to wander through PLC components disrupting reliable operations as they traveled.    Fortunately,  the repair was simple.   But as the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   

So here are a few ounces of prevention to keep ants from shaking up your treatment operations.  Read more

Ray Cowell