Everyone needs a Technical Support Backup Plan

NFL teams maintain backup quarterbacks and other key positions should a starting player become unable to compete.  We have backup generators to supply electricity for critical infrastructure in case the power fails.   We have contingency plans should essential personnel or systems become unavailable.  Shouldn't we have a backup strategy for technical services vendors?  

For over 25 years Instrulogic has been providing technical support services to municipal customers in Virginian and North Carolina.   We specialize in measurement and control for water and waster treatment systems. We provide consulting, design, repair, upgrade and maintenance, services for PLCs, SCADA, Telemetry and a wide variety of instrumentation.  We calibrate and work on virtually all brands of equipment.  We are the leading supplier of these services in our region.   And while we will always strive to be your first choice, we wouldn't mind being your second choice. Because everyone needs a backup plan.  

So call us when you need us.  We are always there for you.  

Ray Cowell