Turnkey Membrane Filtration Plant

When a large Virginia Service Authority (SA) with numerous water systems received a VDH Notice of GWUDI Violation and a Boil Water Notice went out to customers, they went looking for a cost-effective and scalable system. 

The solution was a turnkey Membrane Ultra Filtration process with full SCADA automation  and monitoring. The design-build  team completed the PER, obtained Health Department approval, and put the system online in less than six months

A pre-fab concrete building and off-site membrane skid assembly kept the on-site work to a minimum. The system offers fully automated/unmanned operations, operator interfaces locally and at the SA Operations Building, remote system access from any internet connected device (smart phones included), customized/dynamic alarming, long term data historian and trending, customized report generation, and online redundancy. 

Integrated Plant and Filtration Control

The programming to accomplish this is done within a single software package eliminating cross-package conflicts and communication failures. All of the software and programming is 100% industry standard and non-proprietary making integration of other systems as easy as it gets.   

Operators enjoy the convenience of monitoring their system from the office, home, or anywhere with a cell signal. 

Supervisors enjoy the one-button monthly health department reporting. 

Department Heads enjoy the cost savings of a start-to-finish project team that helped get them through all the project challenges, on time and on budget.

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Ray Cowell