Protect your operation from Ransomware

There are recurring large scale ransomware attacks being launched across the globe.  These attacks have  significant impacts on organizations ability to run their IT environments, resulting in them having to pay a financial ransom to be able to restore business.

SCADA systems and all Windows based computers used to operate your plants need to be evaluated for infection by ransomware viruses that can lock up your systems before you realize it.   Here are a few easy and common sense steps you can take to prevent this.  

  1. Make sure all components of your IT infrastructure are current with your Standard Security Practices.

  2. Make sure that all approved security patches are installed. This should be done in coordination with your SCADA supplier and your IT department as some patches may interfere with SCADA operation. I would like will help with security patches.

  3. Make sure your Virus/Malware monitoring software is current.

  4. Alert your staff to be suspicious of emails from unfamiliar sources. The latest ransomware attack is triggered by a phishing email. Train personnel to refrain from clicking on enticing attachments to emails that are not business related or look suspicious in any way.

  5. Consider a cybersecurity platform that synchronizes protection across networked, cloud based and mobile devices. Sophos offers solutions that work well on SCADA platforms. SOPHOS

Ray CowellComment