Wouldn't it be nice if someone was watching your back?

As a plant operator there is much to be concerned about and only so much time in a day.  And sometimes it is the little things, the hidden things that can cause you to get stuck with problems and often at the worst possible times.   

 Your challenge

You need to maintain regulatory compliance with EPA,  but you also need to keep an eye on emerging technologies that can improve operations and efficiency.  You need to manage source water threats such as droughts and contaminants, but you also have to be vigilant against cyber security threats.    You have to manage an Operations and Maintenance budget, but to you also have to be aware of control system and component obsolescence.  You need to focus on commodity pricing for chlorine and charcoal filtrates to make sure your plant runs cost-efficiently.  But if you ignore the proper management of Windows patches,  your SCADA software may break causing costly process interruption.   If your operating system becomes obsolete, your SCADA software may become unsupportable.  But if you upgrade your operating system, you may need to purchase a new SCADA license.  

You don’t have the luxury of ignoring any element of your operation.  And due to the rapidly changing nature of of technology, the time and attention required to keep your systems operational will only increase.  

But what if you had someone watching out for you?   What if someone kept an eye on your monitoring and control systems,  let you know about potential problems and had a ready solution to keep you out of trouble?    What if they were always ready with solutions to improve system performance and reliability.  Even better, what if your systems supplier offered this level of service at no additional charge?

The Instrulogic Advantage

Make Instrulogic your technology partner and we will keep an eye on your systems so you don’t have to.  At no additional charge, we maintain system configuration details for any system installed or maintained by us.  Our customer’s systems receive periodic status reviews of all hardware and software components for cyber security vulnerability, supportability concerns, component obsolescence, incompatibility issues,  manufacturers  alerts and potential for replacement wth newer more cost effective alternatives.  We notify our customers of potential problems and offer cost effective and innovative solutions.   

We keep an eye on the little things so your are not surprised or embarrassed.   We watch your back, helping you steer clear of problems rather than getting stuck with problems. 

So let us do what we do so well, so that you can do do what you do, better! 

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Ray Cowell