Advanced SCADA for less than the Cost of Chlorine Treatment

Consider these scenarios.

A treatment plant operator lives 10 miles from a small and antiquated package plant serving a trailer park in a rural area.  The power at the site is unreliable and so the plant often shuts down requiring manual restarts.  Lacking an alarm system the operator must anticipate potential electrical interruption requiring a 20 mile round trip journey.  Wouldn’t it be nice if he could remotely monitor the plant, receive alarms and even restart the system without making the trip? 

A small municipality operates a water treatment plant with multiple remote pump stations.  Although the main plant has SCADA, the remote sites only have autodialers to call out after alarms are triggered.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the monitoring capability of a full featured SCADA system extended to remote sites so that trends can be detected, enabling proactive rather than just reactive intervention. 

Of course the technology to provide remote monitoring and control has existed for years.  But the cost to implement these capabilities has often been prohibitive for small scale operations.   

Consider a rural municipality nursing along an out-of-date control system because they don’t have the capital budget to replace it.  They are limping along with their out-of-date HMI running on an unsupported version of  Windows  with obsolete  touchscreen displays.   When considering a PC upgrade they discovered that what seemed to be a simple hardware upgrade was more like disturbing the first domino.  The PC upgrade includes an operating system upgrade.  The operating system upgrade will force an HMI software upgrade.  The HMI upgrade will necessitate replacement of their touch panel displays.   The upgrade is essential for reliable operation, but the cost of all these upgrades is unexpectedly large and un-budgeted.  

What if?...

 What if a customized modern and full featured SCADA system became affordable?  What if the cost of remote monitoring and control was no longer prohibitive?  What if you could monitor and control all plant and remote sites  from a smart phone?  What if there was no hardware to purchase- ever?  What if there were no upfront costs or capital expenditure to approve?   What if you never had to worry about hardware and software upgrades or obsolescence.?  What if maintenance, repair and training services were all included?   What if this was available for less than the monthly cost of  chlorine treatment?  

What if you didn’t have to wonder, “what if?” 

The Instrulogic Advantage

Instrulogic offers advanced measurement and control solutions to fit any budget.   With over 25 years of measurement and control experience and as the industry leader in SCADA  innovation, Instrulogic is committed to discovering and implementing the most cost-effective solutions for all of your measurement and control needs.  With our eye on the future, we bring new and innovative solutions to everyday problems.  Instrulogic’s exclusive “Service SCADA” provides advanced SCADA capability with no upfront costs or capital spending.  In fact, most municipal customers can add full featured SCADA functionality to all their remote sites for less than the cost of fluoride or chlorine supplies.  You don’t have to wonder’ “what if?”  You can have advanced SCADA functionality at all your remote sites for less than the cost of chlorine treatment.  

You don’t have to wonder’ “what if?”    

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Ray Cowell